5 Ways To A Better Tennis Serve Technique Catching Your Opponents Off Guard

Adding a kick serve and slice serve to your game can help you catch your opponents off guard.

1. Kick serve. A good kick serve generates a high-bouncing topspin on the ball and can be strong play against an opponent who has trouble returning high balls. Tossing the ball further behind you helps you generate the right spin.

2. Slice serve. Slice serves are tough to return because they have a big topspin kick and drift wide after they bounce. Toss the ball in the same place you would for kick serve, but brush your racquet across the back of the ball as you make contact to give it side spin.

3. Serve through a bucket thinking only about topspin. Imagine the ball is a clock and your racquet is moving from the 6 to the 12 as it’s making contact. Are your shots falling faster? Do your bounces have that big kick? Now serve though a bucket with side spin–if the ball is a clock, this time your racquet is moving from 9 to 3. Are your serves starting to curve?

4. Increase your power. Once you’re serving with good form consistently, it’s time to target select muscle groups and strengthen them to increase your power. There are plenty of great plyometric exercises that help the core and legs; box jumps, jump lunges and burpees will all give you a great overall workout and add to your service power.

5. Add some plyometrics to your daily routine. You should be working hard, but not to pain or exhaustion. Also, throwing light medicine balls in an over-the-shoulder motion similar to your serve form can be a great way to add power.